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Brazil Correspondent

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Principais atividades

The Post is adding a full-time correspondent in Brazil, to extend the Post’s foothold in Latin America, where economic turbulence and anger over corruption are fueling growing political instability. This correspondent will have primary responsibility for Brazil, the region’s most populous and economically powerful country, working with Marina Lopes, who reports half-time for The Post from Sao Paulo. The reinforcement will allow Anthony Faiola, our South America and Caribbean bureau chief, who is based in Miami, to maintain a broad regional leadership role. 
We expect foreign correspondents to be resilient, tenacious and adaptable; we need journalists who can do anything. This includes plunging into breaking news with velocity and authority; delivering ambition, insight and originality through deeply reported enterprise; and bringing creativity to the more conversational and visual-first pieces that enhance our digital report. We particularly prize reporting that lands with impact.The Brazil role is a big job, one that requires initiative, judgment and a strong grasp of Brazil and the rest of South America, including political, economic and environmental issues. Any candidate should be able to point to a record of distinction in covering a competitive beat for a major international news organization. The strongest candidates will have significant experience in reporting from Latin America and will have strong Spanish- and/or Portuguese-language skills.


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