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XL Catlin

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We’re here to help your business move forward. With an incredible blend of people, products, services and technology, we’re looking at risk in a new way. From insurance to reinsurance, we can help you find innovative answers for a changing world. Powerful analytics, deeper insights, and market-leading technologies. We’re open to new ideas and ready to take on difficult challenges — from the most familiar to the most complex. You need innovative, creative solutions to your risks. We’re here to find them.

As we progress on the journey to realize Our Opportunity to be the most admired, each of us has a part to play in getting us there. And we have the tools, talent and ambition to make it happen.

Our Commitments are the key to our future success. It’s only by living them every day that we will unlock the huge potential of our company to navigate the challenges of today while creating solutions for tomorrow. We are all part of a bigger picture, and we should all strive to:

Do what’s right
Embrace differences and respect diversity. Build relationships on trust, consideration and integrity.
Make it better
Be open to the new. Give our best, all the time. Around the world and locally. Continuous Improvement, bigger ideas, wiser decisions, better results.
Be future-focused
Think creatively, innovate and always have a positive eye on the future.
Build solid partnerships, outside and in. Search for the best answers with and for our clients. Take it seriously. Make it fun.

Be accountable
Work with an entrepreneurial spirit. Take initiative, see things through, know it matters.

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