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Plataformatec delivers IT mission critical projects mainly to companies in Accelerated Growth and big Corporations in US and Brazil. We have acquired a large experience in helping organizations adapt and structure their processes and methodologies. Also, we are a world-wide reference in developing high quality code using Ruby on Rails. As result, our customers had a much better predictably on what was being delivered and also improved their quality of their code base, meaning less waste of time fixing bugs and more time building new features for their installed based of customers. We follow a three-step process to transform business goals into successful software projects: i) Economic Valuation: we create an Economic Model together with our customers to understand the metrics behind of real success. ii) Inception Phase: we run a series of workshops to discuss the requirements and define the strategy for the Product Road Map in an agile and collaborative way. Because of this process, there are many cases that our customers discovered more innovative ways of achieving their goals. Innovative = better, faster and/or cheaper. iii) Delivery Iterations: finally, we run iterations and deliver high quality code in a constant and predictable flow.


Custom Software, Ruby on Rails, Products Inception, Agile methodologies, Elixir

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