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World leader in digital security

Gemalto is at the heart of our evolving digital society, enabling businesses and governments around the world to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals.

We work behind the scenes to ensure that each time their customers, employees and citizens want to transact, connect or identify themselves, they can do so safely and easily.

Whether they’re communicating, banking, doing business online, using eGovernment services, accessing the cloud or building the Internet of things, people everywhere rely on Gemalto every day.

Our expertise 

Our expertise spans the entire process of creating digital security solutions for our clients and their customers. We enable digital services and networks by offering a secure and seamless chain of software, products, platforms and services. This chain of trust helps organizations to protect what matters, where it matters by ensuring strong identities and secure data from the edge to the core.

To protect the edge of the network we develop secure software and operating systems which we embed in many kinds of device, like SIM cards, banking cards, tokens, electronic passports and ID cards. Once we've personalized them and loaded them with data, we deploy platforms and services to manage and protect them as well as the sensitive data they hold throughout their life-cycle.​

Quick Facts

Global headquarters
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Piou


110+ new innovations filed in 2014

Revenue, full year 2014
€2.5 billion

Profit from Operations, full year 2014
€383 million

NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, and 
NYSE Euronext Paris

Chairman of the Board
Alex Mandl

Por que trabalhar conosco

Building Success in the Digital World 

Every day, billions of people benefit from Gemalto’s software, products, platforms and services. They do this when using the services of their mobile network operators, banks, corporate IT networks, public transportation systems, eGovernment documents and more.
Gemalto produces software that is embedded into secure devices (SIMs, payment cards, identity documents etc.) as well as the software and services that manage them remotely at the same time protecting the data they hold and transfer.

​Gemalto is a unique company to join and a great place to work. You’re giving yourself an excellent opportunity to develop a dynamic career in a friendly, international environment where we value your contribution, believe in your potential and are committed to your development. We support you by providing a sound learning platform and a clear career path that is underpinned by our policies of promotion from within, mobility, training and development programs. In line with our strategy of putting the needs of customers at the center of everything we do, and our commitment to innovation, we know it is our people who make it happen, and together we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.


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